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Ten Tips and strategies for Boston Massacre

Redcoat Strategy

1). UNDERSTAND DIFFERENCES IN GAMEPLAY WITH DIFFERENT NUMBERS OF PLAYERS: If the redcoats are to win, they need to play aggressive and win when they can. In 9 or 10 player games, do not be afraid to openly play a redcoat even at the expense of losing trust. The reason is you have three other concealed teammates who can also win and put cards down. In fact, if the three redcoats that are not Benedict Arnold each win a battle and play a card down, that leaves Benedict Arnold as a concealed player free to win the game early. In 5-8 player games, however, trust may be more important because you cannot continue to play redcoats without being given power by the patriots. Concealing your identity is a situational game that must be done with greater care when you have less teammates.

2). FOCUS ON BURNING THREE PATRIOTS: This seems simple enough, but having the goal to burn three patriot cards as a team will help you know that there are not enough patriot cards in the deck for the patriots to win without a reshuffle. You can then be confident in allowing the patriots to gain power as it will be harmless to your own team. One way to check and see if your partner has burned patriot cards and help you count them is to burn your top weapon and check their discard pile. You can then either back them up or create a confusion by going against the word of your own teammate.

3). GET BENEDICT ARNOLD ELECTED: The easiest way to win as a redcoat is to get Benedict Arnold elected. One overlooked way of doing this (this is just an example, though there are many ways) is to set up a play early which pins your word against the word of Benedict Arnold. Then, later on in the game, show your true colors and reveal that you are a redcoat through a very obvious play. Those playing the game will remember back to the time when you and Benedict Arnold had a scuffle and he will have increased trust in the game. Over time this strategy will not always work and must be changed to throw people off the scent, but in games with a new group it can be most effective.

4). BURN PATRIOT WEAPONS: This is especially important with regards to their top weapon. If you can burn out all of their weapons you can then force them to play redcoat cards or you can control who is in power by burning your top weapons until the general becomes a redcoat player.

5). CHANGE YOUR STRATEGY: The best redcoats created confusion and chaos. When people begin to play the same way every game, it becomes easier and easier for the patriots to identify who is actually on their team and it is harder for the redcoats to win. Constantly make an effort to do things different than the last time while also pointing out differences in the way other people or you yourself have played when put in different situations. This information can be used in a convincing manner that can sway many people to your way of thinking.

patriot Strategy

1). PLAY HIGHER WEAPONS EARLY: This is controversial and not everyone will agree with me on this strategy. However, I have found that if I play my higher weapons early on I am able to gain trust by immediately playing a patriot card and eventually getting my guns reloaded. It is important to note that this is an early game strategy and not having high weapons at the end of the game will lead to a redcoat victory. If you are to play high weapons early, make sure you get trust and get your weapons reloaded, otherwise this strategy will hurt you more than help.

2). GO BACK TO SOLDIERS WHO PLAYED A PATRIOT:  When given a chance, why not return to the last person to play a patriot card? This will give you an opportunity to see if they will do it again. If they do, the likelihood that they are a redcoat goes down. If they are a redcoat, you might force them into a situation where they have to reveal their identity. Force players who you might assume to be redcoat into a situation in which they must play low and allow a trusted patriot to assume power. If they lie and play higher, you may have lost a battle, but you have revealed a redocoats identity. These kinds of risks are better taken in games with smaller numbers. In games with many redcoats at the table, trying to get a redcoat to play low will likely only lead to them playing high, winning the battle, revealing their identity, but ultimately not hurting their team since they have many other teammates that still have trust at the table.

3). BE TRANSPARENT: The worst thing that a patriot can do is try and be mysterious or confusing with their gameplay. They will be difficult to trust and it is hard to win when the patriots do not have trust among themselves.

4). DO NOT BE SO QUICK TO BURN WEAPONS: The redcoats have the advantage of knowing who their teammates are. As a patriot, you do not. If your team is too quick to trust and burn their weapons to get a new card, the redcoats will inevitably be able to burn a large amount of patriot cards and force a redcoat victory. The key skill that must be developed to be able to succeed in this game is being able to discern who can be trusted and who can not be. An important factor in determining whether or not you should burn is counting the number of possible redcoat and patriot cards in the deck based on the starting ratios and the proposed amount of burned patriot and redcoat cards.

5). FIND PATRIOTS WHO ARE BEING SWINDLED: In Boston Massacre, each person has a set of weapons and with that a certain level of power. The redcoats can bring that power to their side if they swindle one of your patriot teammates or if they pin you against each other. The most important thing that you can do is keep your mind open and realize that even if someone believes you to be a redcoat, it may just be their honest belief as a patriot and not them lying to others as a redcoat. Do not be afraid to admit you were wrong and re analyze. Doing this will allow you to not miss “mistakes” made by a redcoat that you ignore only because of an existing confirmation bias.

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