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Secret Hitler vs Boston Massacre

Secret Hitler is a great game. We have spent hours yelling at each other, trying to convince each other that we are not a fascist scum. Riots have broken out, friendships have been lost, rivalries cemented.

A beautiful thing.

However, there are a few things missing from the game to make it truly a perfect storm of secret identity.

1). Needs more Gameplay Events

We need more events to trigger discussion. Really the only way to begin a discussion about who is liberal and who is fascist is by either guessing by the look on their face or the card that is played.

We need more. Build energy by adding events.

2). Strong Personalities Have too much Power

We all see this play out over the course of a day playing Secret Hitler. One or two alpha players hijacks the weaker players and then gameplay becomes a series of looking to the alpha players for execution. Control becomes centralized and the less vocal players, maybe the younger players are squeezed out of influence. The game needs more parity.

3). Power Parity – Allow the Weaker and Younger Players to Seize Power

Point #2 leads us to point #3 which is that younger, less experienced players usually just do the bidding of the alpha. It weakens the game and destroys the fun.

4). The Player Card Envelopes

Now this point is nit-picky. You don’t have to convince me of that. It’s just that having the fascist/liberal cards in the envelopes back to back is just a little bit awkward. Right, it’s not a big deal.

What’s the Solution?

To be honest, though biased, Boston Massacre is the solution for all of these problems.

Family Playing Boston Massacre

1). All players have the same power of weapons. No matter how skilled, loud or obnoxious you are, you only have the same power of weapons that the weakest player in the game has;

2). There are more events to initiate discussion. Who does the general pick as their soldiers and why? What weapon card is the soldier playing in the battle of wits and why? How does everyone play their top weapon card? What game card was played and which ones were discarded? All of these questions and more are the beginning of uproarious gameplay.

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