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Best Boardgame for Teenagers?

Boston Massacre, yes.

By Ty Barber

Board games are an amazing way to spend time as a teenager. It builds friendships, provides entertainment, and it’s a productive way of spending your time, especially compared to staring at a screen for hours. I am a thirteen year old boy and I notice a drastic improvement in my mood when I spend time hanging out with friends, building strategy, laughing, and competing, through a board game, compared to sitting in a dark room playing Xbox, where I can waste hours with nothing gained. This exact reason is why I decided to make a board game that fit all of my expectations. Through the help of others it was developed into the perfect game. It’s called Boston Massacre.

Four of the Creators of Boston Massacre

I know any teenager will enjoy this game, even more than playing electronics or watching youtube videos. This is the ultimate game full of lies, hidden identity, strategy, surprises, and heated debates. Not only have I grown a stronger relationship with my friends through this game but I have improved my relationship with all of my family. This genius game can be played with adults, teenagers, and young kids, because it is so simple yet complex enough that it can be easily enjoyed.

First Time Player Parker Wins with Benedict Arnold

In this video three of my friends, my sister, my brother, and I all played a game of Boston Massacre, my friend parker was the kid in the blue champion sweatshirt was dealt Benedict Arnold (a bad guy), my other friend Grayson, the kid in the blue hat and black nike sweatshirt was a patriot (a good guy), Tucker my other friend, the guy in the white sweatshirt, my sister, Abby the girl in the white shirt was a patriot (a good guy), my brother Keith, the kid in the blue shirt was a redcoat (a bad guy), and me the kid in the white hat was a patriot (a good guy). The whole game I was fooled by my friend Parker. I thought he was a patriot because through all of the heated debates and the way he played the game he convinced me that he was good. Although in a crucial moment I was outwitted. When the third redcoat (bad guy) card is played, if Benedict Arnold wins any of the next battles he wins the game, along with all of the other redcoats. So I thought I could have full trust in Parker and I put him in the battle, he won the battle and the redcoats won the game. Everyone was shocked to find out his true identity. It was a great experience for me and my friends and we still think about that and laugh. This is why this game is the perfect way to spend time as a teenager, and Boston Massacre is a must buy for all ages, but, especially for teenagers.

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